In 2015, Farmer J. and I had a crazy idea of getting as many people as we knew to eat RAW foods for an entire month! She wanted to go RAW and didn't want to do it by herself. She called me up and asked if I would tag along, and I said, "Yes, let's bring our folks in on this too". We then created the online event "30 Days in the RAW" and it turned out to be a huge success! Folks wanted to learn more about the RAW food diet and wanted to try it. This seemed doable and fun.


With several tweaks and adjustments we decided to scale it down to 15-Days to ensure that people would finish the cleanse and that really worked great. We also changed the name to, Spring Into the RAW, because we wanted to offer a cleanse starting in the spring after the winter months. In 2016, we were recognized for this community work and both received The Commitment to Communities Excellence Award, from the Healthy Heart Coalition and other organizations like it working to address health and wellness issues in our community. Not bad right?... and totally unexpected! 

We are bringing Spring Into the RAW to you again as one of our annual cleanses because we understand the importance of community and having your tribe of like-minded individuals that can hold you accountable with reaching your health goals. 

Thanks so much for helping me get back on track! I have a personal goal to go raw for one year. The transition is a part of the process which I accept. Having those menus were really helpful and I'm sure they will help keep me on track from here on as I mix it up. Thanks again ladies! Great job! ~LaKisha P.

It's definitely changed my approach to food and the importance of being conscious of raw foods. I feel GREAT and even my body has responded well. Thanks for the recipes and the photos of the dishes. ~ Charlette C.

Many thanks for your time and efforts! It feels great to experience the benefits of a raw food diet. I am going forth with incorporating more raw and eating way less cooked food into my diet because my sensitive digestive system surprisingly handled the 15 days very well, and I felt lighter and more energized. Tasha, so glad we reconnected in this way! ~Monique C.

 I appreciate the menus you posted. I struggle with eating healthy constantly but the various smoothie options were awesome. ~Kwame C.

Thank you for all of this! These recipes are wonderful! ~Chelle B.

It was a great experience for me. I have gained some great habits and a new found way of enjoying food in the RAW!. THANK YOU. ~Songhay P.

Thanks for the challenge. I definitely will continue some of the raw meals. I enjoyed it!!! ~Asya S.

The RAW Herstory