Spring Into the RAW

March 20-29, 2019 

(You Will Receive...)


As part of your Spring Into the RAW Cleanse Kit, you will receive a 10-Day downloadable Recipe e-Guide. This guide will include our spring recipe picks for breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as a 10-Day shopping list and equipment list.


We know that clean fruits and veggies are just as important as them being fresh. Each person will receive this wash that can be used to mist fruits and vegetables to remove harmful residue. They are a combination of acidic water and infused with citrus essential oils.


Our Spring Seasonal Herb Blend can be used on all savory meals. It is a blend of herbs and spices that are available and/or great to consume in the spring with the additions of greens that are wonderful for detoxifying the body. We also include a delicious detoxifying tea blend complete with herbs that are gentle to the body and will help you to tone and flush your systems.


Be a part of our Spring Into the RAW Tribe! Connect online with fellow Spring Into the RAW participants as we hold each other accountable and on task. You will be given access to our private FACEBOOK Group. There you will find videos of Chef Beee and Farmer J. preparing some of the recipes in the cleanse.  We will be posting pictures of what we create daily, answer your questions and gather feedback from you.  It's also a great forum to post the foods that you create and share with your RAW Tribe members. If you are not on Facebook, no problem!

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